Kindra Connect


Kindra Connect Inc., California, USA


2020 - Present

Services Offered:

Web development: Elixir, React

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Kindra Connect brings together people who share the values of authenticity, kindness, community, creativity, play, and personal growth. We provided Kindra with a Full-Stack Elixir developer, responsible for:

  • Maintenance of API server built with PhoenixFramework and Elixir and expanding it with new endpoints
  • Maintenance of admin dashboard built with React.js and Redux

Team: 1 Full Stack developer (Elixir, JavaScript), Project Manager

The scope of our work: Full development cycle

Technologies and services we've used:

Backend: Elixir, PhoenixFramework, PostgreSQL, Mnesia

Frontend: React.js, Redux

Integrations: SendGrid, Cloudinary, Facebook

Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.): Nginx, Amazon EC2, AppSignal

Kindra Connect

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