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Web Development

Web & mobile developers and teams for custom development.


We strive to make products that achieve their goals.

No-code solutions

For online entrepreneurs and SMBs to start new
business or side project.

Chat bots

Custom chat bots to bring your users experience to the new level.

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Let Things Flow Smoothly

Our aim at work is to make products better and business successful. Achieve project goals in optimal way using tools and methods that make sense, with attention to details.


How We Work



We go deeply into know more about you and your idea.

It makes sense to take a time to learn rather then diving into implementing right away. Inception helps understand the context for implementation, including what kind of approaches and solutions will lead to the best results.


We Create A Prototype or MVP

After gathering information we create a first prototype.

Ultimately, the goal is to design a solution that is optimal and effective since it is evidence-based and better tailored to the context after the inception phase.


We Deliver The Work

We have a meeting where we present to you the final work.

Let's Talk About Your Idea!

Our Services


Our goal is ask the right questions to thoughtfully build systems not just to spec.

We monitor and control the quality of your application and take measures to address errors.

We set sights on your business goals and core values. And look for the future of your business.

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Web Development

We aim to scale and grow your business with modern web application development.

We’re a strong web development partner who’s ready to cover all your technology needs.

So far, we’ve helped numerous clients build stunning products around the world.

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No-code solutions

Rapidly develop new solutions to transform business processes and meet customer needs.

Reduce barrier between ideas and solutions with no-code application development.

Re-engineer revolutionary approaches to building modern web products.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Do you provide source code?

Yes! Your data is yours. We share with you all the source code and materials that we produce for your project. We also set up necessary backup procedures for you as well.

Do you offer a non-disclosure contract?

Yes, we sign all the necessary contracts, such as NDA, Contractor and Consulting agreements. Everything that's needed for software development.

What are you hourly rates?

Compensation may vary depending on the engineers who will work on you project. But we do offer competitive market rates for the skills our engineers will bring to your business.

What do I need to start a projects with you?

We can develop projects from scratch therefore a meeting to discuss your business idea would be already a great start!

What clients tell about us

Viacheslav, engineer from Optimify Studio is far and away one of the strongest engineers I've ever had the chance to work with in my 15+ years of building software products and teams. He is a thoughtful, skilled software engineer and contributor. He asks all the right questions to thoughtfully build systems not just to spec, but for the future of the business, ensuring that code quality remains high and that the projects can continued to be iterated on rapidly well into the future. He's been working for us for more than three years now, and I look forward to continuing to work with him for as long as he'll have us!

Bryan Woods, CTO at Rhino

Slava, engineer from the Optimify Studio has been one of the most excellent individuals with which I've had the opportunity to work. Not only is he a competent developer, what makes Slava so great to work with is all the other intangibles. His willingness to jump on any project. His thoughtfulness about what would make the product better and business successful. He's both a capable leader and developer. Whatever project you bring him in on, he will make you feel like he's a partner. He has a great attitude and I hope we will continue to work together for years to come. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you should jump on it.

Sebastian Broways, Head of Product at Nucleus

Working with Optimify has been a pleasure. They are committed, attentive, collaborative, and flexible. They work extremely hard to find solutions to all issues. I have worked with this team for almost two years, and look forward to continuing to work with them. They have run the Elixir Phoenix back end of our mobile application. We use slack for communication, Jira to manage the project, and have weekly zoom conversations to discuss progress, trouble shoot problems, and clarify tasks. I highly recommend Slava and his team.

Gina Levy, Head of kindraconnect.com